The mission of TOVA Coffeehouse is simple: to take our passion for fine coffee and mobilize it to make an impact in our community. 

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TOVA is honored to fuel Lubbock’s mornings, creative brainstorms and late night study sessions, but what fuels US is our mission to break cycles of poverty in our community.

Poverty isn’t just a word. It’s faces, families, stories and names. At its core, poverty is defined not by material possessions but by experiences of hopelessness and the battle to overcome generational barriers.

Alleviating poverty is more than just providing material resources. We must go upstream, and we must go together—churches, non-profits, city governments, and individuals. How can we empower individuals and communities together?

The name TOVA means good in action. Our profits and platform are shared with local organizations that are effectively working to interrupt cycles of poverty with long-term, sustainable solutions. Our programs connect people like you to meaningful and effective engagement in local poverty. So every cup of coffee creates sustainable change in our community.


TOVA brings you more than just a cup of coffee. Each time you visit TOVA you’re helping create sustainable change within our community. Our vision is to grow a garden of good in the Lubbock area, one person at time. Thank you for joining us in our mission!


On top of all this, we are deep-down dedicated to providing Lubbock with the highest qualities of coffee & tea prepared with craft and precision. We source our beans from farms and roasters who have a passion for specialty coffee and a love for justice and fair trade. Try TOVA and discover that coffee never tasted so good!

Recognize and celebrate the image of God in all people.
Develop people and communities from the inside-out.
Join with those experiencing poverty to create solutions.

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